Going Electric Could Mean Lower Maintenance Costs

Electric Car Being Charged

As electric vehicle manufacturers gain a larger part of the market, one might wonder why motorists are beginning to have more faith in them. There are many factors that could be cited. The technology is improving. Electric vehicle prices are going down – especially when tax credits are factored into the price. They are also greener and get incredible fuel mileage. However, one thing that is often less reported is the fact that electric vehicles often are much easier to maintain.


Think about it. An electric vehicle doesn’t have spark plugs, a transmission, or fuel filters. It also doesn’t require an oil change. The only major maintenance costs may be battery replacement and tire rotation/replacement. Because it is much simpler in design, an electric vehicle can potentially save a motorist a lot of money over the vehicle’s lifetime.


Of course, there will still be some costs. A homeowner’s electric bill will probably go up by a few bucks, and, as eTags.com would remind anyone thinking about buying an electric vehicle, car registration renewal fees and insurance premiums must be budgeted in. Some states offer special incentives including lower registration renewal fees or perks like HOV lane access for single occupancy vehicles. When all things are considered, there are several reason why more people are considering going electric.

Updated: July 14, 2016 — 2:52 pm

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